7 day bulk up meal plan – Female


Our 7 day meal plan for Woman who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, Athletes who need a precise dietary requirement or woman who are in the gym and need a good meal plan to follow. . Packed with high proteins, good fats and good slow release carbs.

Our complete package has the following nutritional breakdown:

140g Protein (Chicken, Beef, Fish, Ostrich & Pork)

80g Vegetable (Gemsquash, Broccoli, Asparagus, Cauliflower & Green beans)

150g Starch (Butternut, Sweet Potato, Jasmine rice & Basmati rice)

Meal Kit Includes

1 x Marinated/Grilled chicken on cous cous with Roasted veggies

1 x Grilled chicken, asparagus, broccoli & Butternut

1 x Marinated/Grilled Chicken,Grilled tomatoes, Green beans & Butternut

1 x Beef strips, asparagus & green beans

1 x Pesto Butter Beef strips on Cauliflower Mash

1 x Ostrich meat balls, basmati rice and gemsquash

1 x Tuna fish cakes, jasmine rice and green beans

For all queries on our meal plans please email us on info@nutsaboutnutrition.co.za and we will gladly assist.


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