Johannesburg's Premier Meal Prepping Company

Nuts About Nutrition is a healthy meal prep delivery company that brings you only the good stuff. We’re passionate about crafting high-quality meals from fresh and organic whole food ingredients, sourcing from local farms, and fueling your day with flavor, nutrition and all round goodness.

Local Is Lekker

We work with local farmers and butchers. All our vegetables are organic and fresh and our meat is certified A-Grade.

all nutrition

Packed with proteins, fats and good carbs. All your meals are measured to suit your needs and preferences. No added flavourings, Sugar, salt and MSG.

hassle free

Your prepacked meals are delivered to you on two delivery dates each week. Save time and energy. Convenience at its best!!!



Our bodybuilding/bulking packages are designed for the athlete, gym buff and person looking to up their protein and carb intake. Our meals are broken up into 5 & 7 day meals plans.

Each package has a lunch & dinner option.


Our Weight-loss packages are designed for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle, Athletes who are cutting or dropping before a competition or someone who is looking to go on the straight and narrow and need to lose those extra kilos. Our meals are broken up into 5 & 7 day meals plans.

Each package has a lunch & dinner option.


Our KETO meal plan challenge is based on minimal carbs, moderate proteins and high good fats. All these factors play a part in obtaining a satisfied, happy and alert body while shedding weight in the process.

Each package has a breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner option.


Our vegan meal plans has the perfect balance of carbs, proteins and good fats. No added dairy, no added meats & no added msg.. just pure goodness.

Each package has a Lunch & Dinner option.


Not sure on our packages? We have individual meals that you can pick and choose from which allows you to build your own meal plan.